School Leader 360

The School Leader 360 offers users a fast, easy and confidential way to find out exactly what’s on the minds of district peers, employees and constituent groups, in order to improve, grow and develop targeted performance goals. The internet-delivered surveys take minutes to build and administer, resulting in detailed feedback reports that compare the leader’s self-assessment with group responses.

All School Leader 360 engagements will include:

  • Subscriber account to develop and/or monitor 360 process.
  • Bank of standard dimensions and descriptors.
  • Option to customize all content.
  • Password-protected self-assessment.
  • User-friendly survey tool for respondents.
  • Multiple response types with point-value rating option.
  • Instant, individualized user reports.

Two options for using theSchool Leader 360:

  • Consultant Model:

    We set up and administer the 360 tools, tailored to specific positions using your content, standard content or a combination. This comprehensive service provides clients with all technical services, end-user reports, follow-up support and coaching. Priced by quotation.

  • Subscriber Model:

    A trusted site administrator receives training and ongoing support in order to provide all services internally on a modestly-priced subscription basis.