About Larry Lobert and Associates

I founded Larry Lobert and Associates in 2009 after 30 years as a school human resources leader in high-performing Michigan and Illinois school districts.  As a private consultant my goal has been to focus my energy on providing district leaders with innovative professional development,  hiring assistance and insights not otherwise easily available.

Career Highlights

  • 30 years as the lead HR administrator in Michigan and Illinois school districts, including Farmington Public Schools, Grosse Pointe Public Schools and the New Trier High School District in Winnetka, Illinois.
  • Initial co-developer of the Teacherfit and JobFit pre-employment inventories, now used broadly throughout the United States to assist school hiring teams in identifying talented candidates for teacher and support service roles.
  • Developer/owner of School Leader 360, an online, customizable feedback tool focused on providing school leaders with candid and confidential feedback from the constituent groups they serve.

Related Training and Certifications

Extensive training in a variety of personality and talent assessments, including:

Executive Achiever, recommended primarily as a pre-employment assessment for key leaders.  This assessment offers instantaneous and insightful information regarding applicants’ key talents and leadership abilities.  The tool is currently in use by leading school districts as part of finalist deliberations for building and central office positions.

The Hogan Assessments: Certified administrator of the Hogan Assessments, used for both selection and development in major corporations throughout the world.  Developed and refined for over 30 years, validated in 450 studies and now translated into 46 languages, the Hogan tools offer leaders deep information and insights about their values, potential, and likely performance derailers.

Other affiliations

Senior Associate with School Exec Connect, a Minnesota-based superintendent and school leader search firm responsible for more than 300 superintendent and school executive placements within the past decade.